Impregnated Diamond Bit

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Impregnated diamond bit,the most commonly useful bit in the mineral exploration,as they have the widest range of application.

Features of Impregnated diamond bit
1. Carefully selected grades of high quality synthetic diamond which distributed in the depth of bit's matrix series

2. The matrix layer of the crown contians a uniform distribution of these crystal that are embedded in powdered metal bond.

3. Designed to expose new diamonds to the bits' cutting face as wear occurs.

4. Fast penetration rate is maintained as a result of this action.

5. Optimum diamond size, concentration and matrix type are dependent on the hardness and abrasiveness of rock formation.

6. Impregnateion Depth: 4/7/9/10/12/13/16/24mm or based on consumers' need

Top Selling Design
  • Standard V ring type:
    • Can be used on most impregnated core bits
    • Great fluid circulation from the inside to the outside
    • Available with wider or larger waterways
  • Turbo type:
    • Greater ejection of fluids and cuttings
    • Reduced contact area with the same flushing performance
    • Recommended for higher rotation speeds
    • Available with wider or larger waterways
  • Face Discharged type:
    •Recommended for very soft and broken ground
    •The face discharge ports offer excellent flushing to prevent blockages in the waterway channels
    •Available with wider or larger waterways
  • Vortex type:
    •Recommended for very hard, abrasive and broken ground
  • Non-core Type:
    •Work together with down hole motor, such as directional drilling
    •Downhole accident may be appropriate as well

Size Available

Drill Bit Available Series

Wireline Series


T2 Series

T2 46,T2 56,T2 66,T2 76,T2 86,T2 101

T6 Series

T6 76,T6 86,T6 101,T6 116,T6 131,T6 146, T6S 101,T6S 116

T Series


Z Series


B Series


WF Series


WT Series


WM Series


WG Series



NWD4,412F,SK6L146, TT46,TB56,TS116,CHD101


Impregnated Bit Matrix Selection chart
Before placing order, here is some infomation we’d like to know:
- What is the rock?
- How deep is the project?
- Is it hard, soft or complex rock?
- Is the rock very complete, semi-broken or broken?
- How is the abrasiveness of rock?
- Have you use any other brand before? what is the brand(optional)?
- How is the performance previously?  
         →  such as drilling speed?          
         →  meters downhole?             
         →  drill bit working life?
-How about the surface of core?
 Above questions will help us be more familar with your ground situation, meantime, more accurate and appropriate bit is provided to you.

• Low RPM’s
• Large diamonds/cutters
• Large waterways for better flushing and higher GPM flow rates
• Hard matrix for longer bit life

• High RPM’s
• Small diamonds/cutters
• Small waterways
• Soft matrix to expose more cutting elements


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